Friday, July 13, 2012

June in Review

It's June!
June: I had my first trial (hung jury). I moved apartments (pain in the behind). I read a few books (five). I thought about books I want  to read in the next couple years (and made a list). I half-wrote several blog posts that I need to finish (I will!).

5 books total
3 fiction                60%
2 nonfiction          40%
4 female authors  80%
0 translated           0% (boo)

Based on my rate of reading this year, it's not looking like I'm going to meet my goal of 100 books.  I guess there's always the chance I read 21 books in one month like I did last December, but work is keeping me so busy that I seriously doubt that's going to happen. I have read some really good books this year, including three in June that were really, really good. I rated both Ceremony and The Hanging of Angelique five stars, and Anthony Bourdain's latest book, Medium Raw, a surprising 4 stars. I definitely recommend all of those. Hey, it's quality, not quantity, that counts, right?

How's your year in books so far?


Andi said...

Not bad! Especially with all you had going on. I keep forgetting to pick up Medium Raw! What is wrong with me?!!!

MJ said...

Medium Raw is really good! Much better than Kitchen Confidential, which I still did enjoy.