Monday, December 3, 2012

November in Review

November means elections
Goodbye November, Hello December!  

Another month has come and gone, and big changes continue. I swear, this year has got to be the most eventful I've ever experienced. I just transferred job locations and started a slightly different position. I had two jury trials in November (won one, lost one). I committed to a "holiday running streak," which means I'm running at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving until New Year's. My little sister and I are in a fashion show for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

On a bookish front, I bought a Nook! And I'm using it! Couldn't pass up the Black Friday deal at B&N. Not giving up the paper books anytime soon, though. 

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for publishers to look for on NetGalley, feel free to share. I just signed up for an account, and it's a bit overwhelming. I like "literary" fiction, interesting non-fiction, female authors... you know, the stuff I rave about here on the blog.

On to the numbers. 
Here's my November  breakdown:

7 books total     
4 fiction               57%
3 nonfiction         43%
5 female authors  71%
2 translated         29%

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