Saturday, September 3, 2011

"I'm Moving" Giveaway

I am moving, and I have too many books. Take them, please. The hubby will be very grateful.  The first person to email me (stackwanderer AT the gmails) with their name and mailing address will get the books. I will send them out on Tuesday. Please limit 2 selections per person.  US only please, as I am poor. Oh, and some of these may be labeled for bookcrossing. Please do not feel obligated to journal them if you get one that is so labeled.

Some of these are books I’ve read, some aren’t. Most of the ones I haven’t read are YA from my former classroom library. They are in no particular order, except how I pulled them off my shelves.

··    Diana Wynne Jones, The Dalemark Quartet. Includes all four books, Cart and Cwidder, Drowned Ammet, The Spellcoats, The Crown of Dalemark. YA.
·         Tamora Pierce, Circle of Magic. First two books of the quartet. I know I have the third, so if I can find it before mailing, it will be included. I do not have the final book. YA.
·         Tamora Pierce, Magic Steps. The first book in The Circle Opens series. YA
·         Johanna Reiss, The Upstairs Room. YA Holocaust memoir.
·         Markus Zusak, I am the Messenger. YA
·         William Faulkner, The Unvanquished
·         Joyce Carol Oates, Rape: A Love Story
·         DH Lawrence, Sons and Lovers
·         Roger Fisher & William Ury, Getting to Yes. Nonfiction
·         Claudia Trupp, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes. Memoir. Advanced Uncorrected Proof.
·         Phillip Margolin, The Undertaker’s Widow. Legal thriller.
·         Panos Karnezis, Little Infamies
·         Kevin Davis, Defending the Damned. Nonfiction
·         Peggy J. Martin, 5 Steps to a 5: AP World History. Something read leaked on the cover and the edges of some of the pages, but inside it is totally fine.
·         Boeli Van Leeuwen, The Sign of Jonah. Translated from the Dutch (I think?)
·         Carmen Firan, The First Moment After Death. Poems, translated from Romanian.

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