Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catching Fire

Catching Fire
Catching Fire
Suzanne Collins

Okay, so I sat down on my couch to start reading this and didn't merge until a few hours later when I turned the last page. This series really sucks you in in a way I haven't experience in quite awhile.

Book two manages to catch you up and remind you of book one's highlights (not that you need the reminders, if like me you read them nearly one after the other). Our heroine, Katniss starts to gain a greater awareness of her world. As part of that, she begins to realize just how much danger she and her family have been. She may have won The Hunger Games, but that didn't win her many friends in the government.

That's not to say it isn't without its flaws. Katniss is smart in book one. Here, sometimes you want to hit her over the head because she's being so dense, which is out of character. Also, I don't like how she seems to be much more of a pawn in a bigger game in this book. Yes, she's still a strong character, but she gets swept up (literally) in the events surrounding her in a way that isn't completely believable.

Overall, I still enjoyed it, and can't wait to read Mockingjay. It's tempting me from my end table, but I think I'll wait a couple days before I start it. I'm almost done with Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber, and I want to finish that. I started a couple other books before my slump of September/October and never finished them. I might go back and try to finish up at least one of them.

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Alex (The Sleepless Reader) said...

Somehow, I just remember that I liked it, but it didn't leave strong memories, as the first and last books did. I'm looking forward to your views on Mockingjay. It's a book that polarized fans of the series. I'm in the "yay" corner :)

MJ said...

@Alex (The Sleepless Reader) It was definitely the weakest of the trio. I'm with you in the "yay" corner for Mockingjay. I thought it made a lot of sense.