Thursday, December 1, 2011

November in Review

its   november ... <3
Wow, November.

It's over! No more commitment to blogging every day! No more having to get something up, even though it's late, even though I don't really feel like writing. I'm glad I went through with my plan, but I don't think it was as successful as I had hoped. I certainly posted much more than I've ever done, but the quality wasn't where I wanted it to be. I think my next blogging goal will be to really focus on the quality of each one of my posts. I want to make sure each one is saying something I want it to, not just blabbering on about whatever. Also, I like to focus more on books themselves, and that's hard to do when I'm posting ever day but not reading that many new books.

So what did my month in reading look like?

Here's my November breakdown:
10 books total
8 fiction                      80%
2 nonfiction                 2%
9 female authors        90%
3 work in translation 30%

Those numbers include 3 graphic novels and one audio book.

It was a good month for reading. Only 2 of the 10 books were 3 star reads (which is still plenty respectable), 6 were 4 star, and 2 were 5 star. Not bad at all.

I've got a bit of a goal to read 100 titles before the year is up. That means this month I need to read 8 books. It's certainly doable, especially since I'll probably read Mockingjay (the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy) this evening. 
Today does start the Goodreads Winter Seasonal Challenge, so I'll be reading books for that, too.

100 is within my reach!

Do you have any reading goals to accomplish before the year ends?


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

You really are doing well. 100 in a year is something not many can boast of, at least not me. Perhaps you've given me a new challenge to think of next year.

I have shared my reading aspirations or objectives before the year ends. It is to reduce the list on my Top 100 Books Reading Challenge.

Rob said...

Wow, 100 books in a year is really impressive. Good luck!

I'm thinking I might make The Hunger Games trilogy my next audiobooks. Been hearing a lot of good things about them.

MJ said...

@Nana: Something about tracking what I read makes me want to read more, I think. I don't have as much time as I did earlier in the year, when I had a 45 minute subway commute twice daily. We can both shoot for 100 next year!

@Rob: Thanks! And I definitely recommend The Hunger Games. I'm reading the last one right now. They aren't perfect, by any means, but they are a lot of fun.

Vasilly said...

I feel the same way about blogging every day. The quality for me wasn't there too when I was blogging. I still want to keep going because it's a challenge but I also want to improve my posts too. I haven't heard of the Goodreads Winter Challenge, so I'll be sure to look it up. I'm about 20 books away from my goal of 312. I think I can do it if I focus. Good luck to you.

MJ said...

@Vasilly And people think me aiming for 100 is impressive! 312 is outrageous!

Here's the link to the Goodreads Seasonal Reading Challenge group:
Seasonal Reading Challenge