Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January in Review

Wow, so, January is over. That seemed way too fast.

I continued the Seasonal Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I think I read a lot, but I'm nowhere near some of the people in this challenge. I'm trying to stick with my mantra and not feel overly competitive about this. I probably should be reading a bit less for pleasure and a bit more for my bar exam, which is at the end of this month (!!!)

I also participated in Orange January, which was fun. I only read two qualifying books, Alias Grace  and Swamplandia!, but I enjoyed myself. There are several other books on the Orange Prize lists that look really good. I'll probably participate again in July, but I won't be surprised if I read another Orange book before that. I've got my eye on How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents.

All in all, I read 12 books in January, which puts me ahead of my 2012 goal of 100 books. However, I'd rather be ahead at the beginning of the year so I'm not having to rush at the end to meet my goal. Not that missing by a few books would be the end of the world, or anything.

Here's my January breakdown:
12 books total
9 fiction                75%
3 nonfiction          25%
7 female authors  58%
1 translated           8%

How's your year going so far - in books, or otherwise?


Amy said...

January was a really good reading months for me. I met my goal of 8 books. Good luck on your bar exam!!

MJ said...

@Amy: Glad to hear it, and thanks for the good wishes - I'm going to need them!