Thursday, February 2, 2012

POC Reading Challenge

Just a quick note to say I'm officially signing up for the 2012 People of Color Reading Challenge. It will largely overlap with the Africa Reading Challenge, but will involve a lot more books.

Here are the details:
Any book (by any author) with a main character that is a person of color qualifies for this reading challenge, as well as any book written by an author of color. The goal is to encourage readers have a more diverse reading experience and to support diversity in the publishing industry by reading and reviewing books by or about persons of color.
There are five levels to choose from. I'm going to shoot for the top - Level 5, which means I need to read at least 16 qualifying books. So far this year I've read . . . one (The Good Earth). But! I am currently reading two books that qualify, so I'm on my way. I'm planning on reading a couple more in February, especially seeing as how it's Black History Month in the US.

If you want to diversify your reading, I encourage you to join.

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