Thursday, March 1, 2012

February in Review

Cross stitch of February in pink thread on grey background with hearts and an envelope
Not sad to see you go, February.

I read a decent amount in the beginning of the month. I think it was the momentum from January propelling me forward. I read three books for the POC Reading Challenge, and one for the Africa Reading Challenge. I also read another audio book - woot woot! That makes four all time. Soon I'll have to start using my other hand to count them :-) I'm still adjusting to the format.

The second half of the month... not so much. I started two other books, including another for the Africa Challenge, but I haven't made too much progress. Most of my reading the last couple of weeks has been legal essays, in preparation for the bar exam. I'm happy to report that the exam is OVER (it was February 28 & 29) and legal studying has ceased! I'm hoping to never have to take another bar exam in my life. I'll find out if I passed on April 23rd. *Crosses fingers*

Here's to renewed reading in March!

My February breakdown:

6 books total
3 fiction                50%
3 nonfiction          50%
4 female authors  67%
1 translated           17%


Mona said...

Congrats on surviving (your second, right?) the bar exam! :) Welcome back to real life! :)

MJ said...

@Mona: Thank you! Yes, this was my second - and hopefully last! Now I just need to find a permanent job :-)