Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gifting books

I like to buy books as gifts for people. When I was growing up, my favorite present was the "book box." Every year, without fail, my mom would have a box full of books for me, waiting under the Christmas tree. It was the one present I was never allowed to open as my Christmas Eve gift. Books are expensive, and often there would be a mix of new and gently used books for me to read. I didn't care - they were all going to be gently used soon!

I think that is, at least in part, what makes me enjoy giving books as presents. I like thinking about what each person would like and trying to get something that matches their tastes. For my littlest family members, it's also about encouraging a love of reading from an early age.

A couple months ago I was at the Cloisters Museum in NYC and saw these awesome books in the gift shop. I made a note for myself to remember them for later in the year. I've decided that I'm buying Encyclopedia Mythologica series books for my elementary age nephews for Christmas. I would buy them for my elementary age nieces, but um...I DON'T HAVE ANY. Seriously, family members. Get on with the girl-producing. (Just kidding! I love my nephews and don't want to pressure anyone to have more children.)

Encyclopedia Mythologica series
The Encyclopedia Mythologica books are written and illustrated by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda. They also may be the most awesome popup books ever. If you can't look at one in a store, here's Matthew Reinhart giving a tour of Gods and Heros:

And remember to support your local independent bookstores and small businesses on Small Business Saturday, and all throughout the year. You can buy God and Heros and the other books in the series at IndieBound. (affiliate link)

Do you buy books as presents? Do you have any ones you've already picked out for this year?

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Eva said...

I love gifting books too! :)