Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Want a Kitty

Cartoon of man reading a book while a cat looks on
By Peter Steiner
Or a puppy. Well, a dog (adoption only, please!). Puppies are too much work and as much as I think kitties are adorbs, they make me sneeze something fierce. I'm willing to try allergy shots, but I'm afraid they won't work, and I'll suffer. Argh. I'd really like to snuggle up with my book and my little furbaby, reading and scritching ears simultaneously.

It's been over two years since I lost my Delilah, and I still miss her. I think I'm finally ready for another dog, but my life is so unsettled right now that I can't see fitting a dog into it. Hopefully soon things will settle down and I can see about making a family addition.

Do you have a favorite reading companion?
Picture of me on a sofa getting kisses from my dachshund
Me, post surgery, snuggling with Delilah


Savvy Working Gal said...

I sure do. My 6 year old yellow lab Teddy. Sometimes he puts his paws over the pages though so I can't read. I think he does it on purpose.

MJ said...

Aww, that sounds adorable! He wants you to pay attention to him, not that silly book.

Allie said...

We have three cats-Hemi, Sparty, and Lily. All of them cuddle at some point, but Sparty is ALWAYS cuddling. He finds my books offensive and will often rub on them when I am trying to read!