Sunday, November 27, 2011

Small Business Saturday Success!

So yesterday I went out and participated in Small Business Saturday. I drove up to a local(ish) independent book store that I'd been wanting to check out - the Vero Beach Book Center. It's about a 20 minute drive, and in the next county over, but it's the closest I've got! I was supposed to be doing Christmas shopping, and I did, but I also picked up a few things for myself:
The Bloody Chamber, Middlesex, & Shadow Tag
I paid full price for Shadow Tag, but I found the other two books used. The place is really big. It's actually two separate buildings. The first building is the regular adult bookstore. It had a good selection of local books on Florida, bestsellers, etc. I bought two books there - Shadow Tag, and Hidden Seminoles,* a gift book. Both were full price. I knew what I was getting into with Hidden Seminoles, though. It was $40, which is a lot for a book, but not bad for a Christmas gift. It was a little easier to take paying full price when they offered to gift wrap it for me.

After I finished in the first building, I headed over to the second. That's where they keep the children's section,  bargain books, and used books. I didn't know it, but apparently Santa was visiting that day. The place was mobbed. I thought I had avoided the whole holiday shopping ridiculousness, but no, i got my fair share. I thought about leaving and coming back another day, but I bravely pushed through and found more books. This is where I found Middlesex and The Bloody Chamber. I also bought some bargain priced books for the kids on my list.

All said, I spend a little over $100 during my Small Business Saturday shopping excursion. I'm happy to know that more of that money is staying in my community than if I'd have chosen to do my shopping at a chain, or on Amazon. I know that shopping local isn't always a feasible option for everyone, but I'm trying to do my small part.

Oh - and I spent much of yesterday and today thankfully reading The Bloody Chamber. It's really good! Retold fairy tales for the win!

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